Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why the Bengals need Odell Thurman and David Pollack

"David Pollack this morning referred to Feb. 8 as 'D-Day' in terms of his possible return to the NFL as a player.
'I should have all the details that I need to make an informed decision,” said Pollack, who last played football Sept. 17, 2006, for the Bengals against Cleveland.
That afternoon, Pollack suffered a C6 vertebra fracture. He underwent surgery Jan. 3, 2007 to repair the neck fracture.Dr. Anthony Guanciale, director of orthopedic spine surgery at University of Cincinnati Hospital, has treated Pollack from the day of his injury and will meet with him next month.'

"Suspended Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman has applied for reinstatement from the NFL and should learn his fate in the second week of February following the Super Bowl.
Safarrah Lawson, one of Thurman's representatives, said Sunday that Thurman is optimistic about his chances and looking forward to playing again.
Thurman was suspended for one year for violating the NFL substance abuse policy. His application for reinstatement in July was denied by the league, and he was told he could re-apply after the 2007 season."

Odell will show that the Bengals are capable of staying out of trouble and putting football first. Pollack will model hard work and dedication can pay off.

Pollack is a inspirational player who puts God first in everything he does. He plays the right way. Currently he is working with potential draftees as a trainer. Odell is a model of what not to do. He is a constant reminder to the young fellas that they can easily throw away this great opportunity they have been given. Just do what Odell, Pacman, and Vick did. These guys will quietly change the dynamic in the locker room.

The defense needs bodies.

Odell will be back in the middle and Pollack will most likely play defensive end. Both positions that Cincinnati will draft for. If these guys play, all the youngsters will have more time to develop.

THEY are the future.

Pollack is 25 and Thurman is 24. These guys are hardly old. They both have five or more of their best years ahead of them.

Numbers don't lie.

In 2005, Thurman led the Bengals in tackles with 98. Pollack had 28 tackles and 4.5 sacks. Bengals led the league in turnover ratio. Defense began to look like the reason the Bengals hired Marivin Lewis. Carson Palmer doesn't go down in that Steelers game and the Bengals have a real shot at a Super Bowl title. (Why Palmer is on the trainer's table at halftime I'll never know?)

Odell should be back. The only reason he wasn't back last year is because of assault charges. He has no new charges against him. I guess he learned to stay home. Pollack should be back, but we will see.