Friday, January 11, 2008

Overzealous Overhopped Twisted Hat Blonde Ale (Magic Hat #9 clone)

This recipe came out of Clone Beers and is modeled after Magic Hat Brewery's #9 in Burlington, VT (my birthplace). The recipe calls for apricot, but I instead used 4.4 grams of blueberry in one secondary fermenter (my first time using a secondary). I have not been able to taste the blueberry. It also calls for Tettnanger and I used Magnum and Chinook because that is what I had on hand.

Grain Bill:
17. 5 lbs. Pale Malt, English Maris Otter
18 oz Wheat Malt
1/2 lb. Crystal 35, English (Carastan)

The Monster Mash
4.5 gallons at 130, I added all the grains
10:36 - Temp. is at 122
Stirred every 5 mins.
11:02 added 2.5 gallons at 200
Settled around 152 (Lower temps will yield more alcohol, less body, so no second step.

Sparge begins: 9 gallons at 168

12:39- Wort is on the burner (11 gallons)
1:22- Wort is boiling
Hop Schedule
1:22 Begin boil with 1.5 oz Magnum, 2 oz Chinook
2:18 Add hops last 15 minutes of boil 2oz Cascade, 2 oz Willamette

2:33 Chill wort

Pitched White Labs German Ale/ Kolsch Yeast (WLP 029)
11/23- Moved to Secondary
O.G. 1.040