Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AUtotune is kickass

How to cut the cord from Verizon

PS3 MediaServer
Internet, whether it be dsl or cable, is necessary, but free tv and much cheaper phone seems readily available to those of us that are willing to do a little research. Yesterday, I figured out how to have my PS3 communicate with my Mac through a wireless modem network. I was able to put a episode of Max and Ruby onto my computer, but when I went to play it the .avi file it had screen judder. I used PS3 MEdiaserver and continue to finagle with it. I will try to use Handbrake or a similar Video Modification program to change the format of my videos to see if that helps. (FREE)
Free TV on the web
There are many sites including, hulu, or youtube that supply top quality television shows for free.,, abc, cbs and on and on offer free streaming or downloads of there shows. You can buy shows on itunes. I am still wondering or figuring how to stream these shows from my Mac to my Ps3. Does anyone know how? Can I just use PS3 Mediaserver?
Amplified Satelittle Antennae
There are many amplified satellites out there. It is hard to figure which is the best for my purpose. I went to the site and found that I should be able to get over 15 channels in my area of Long Beach. I have not tried it yet, but if these channels come in clearly and they should even come in HD, I will surely stop using cable. PBS, which is the main channel my kids watch, is right down the street in Huntington Beach. Terk seems to be the main manufacturer of these antennaes. ($30-80)
The reviews are mixed for this little device that hooks up to your computer and in turn connects to your phone. The voice quality gets mixed reviews from passable to awful. Another drawback seems to be that your computer must be on when you want to use your phone. My computer is always on and often in sleep mode. I wonder if the phone will work while my iMac is in sleep mode. Does anyone know? ($40.00 with first year free, $20. a year afterward)
Elgato Eyeconnect
This device can be used to send television signals to the computer. It does work for Mac. It has a DVR type of function where you can record shows using the software that it comes with.
My Verizon bill comes in at about $180 a month. I have three televisions and a DVR Media Center. I get the standard Cable Channels with HD. We watch PBS kids, sports (ESPN), and CNBC and CNN.
$180 X 12= $2,160

MJ= $40.
DSL up to 10 Mbps= 39.99 X 12= $480.
I save almost $1,500. the first year.
Works for me. I just have to get it dialed in. Any help is appreciated. Leave comment, fool.

Thursday, January 7, 2010