Friday, January 11, 2008

Thinkin' on Lincoln Pontification Porter

This is a recipe straight out of Charles Papazian's Book The Complete Joy of Homebrewing. It is the Silver Dollar Porter. I just used different hops because I used what I had on hand. After three weeks in the bottle, the Porter has dark to medium body, but definite chocolate in the after-taste (sometimes not hitting the palet for a few seconds after the beer is swallowed, yum!) I used the Kolsch style yeast from my Blonde Ale and it started fermenting in less than an hour. Stopped fermenting after just a few days.

Silver Dollar Porter (11.23.07)

16 lbs. American 2 Row

2 lbs. Munich Malt

1 lb. Black Patent Malt

1 lb. Chocolate Malt

1 lb. Crystal 150, English


21 lbs. of Grain


Began with 5.25 gallons of water @ 130 and added grains

Dropped temp to 124

Stirred every five minutes


After 30 minutes, I added 2.5 gallons of 200 water

Sparge was 10+ gallons @ 170

5:05- Boil Started

Added 2oz of Willamette (ALL leaf hops)

Added 2oz of Cascade

6:00 added 2 tsp. Irish Moss

6:05 Added 1oz of Cascade

Took 10-15 minutes to put Twisted Hat into a secondary. Next time, I will do both carboys before is even finished. Timing was not exactly right, so beer sat warm for an extra 10-15 minutes.

Started fermenting right away using Twisted Hat's German Ale/ Kolsh Style Yeast. Fermenting in Garage.

O.G. (from bottom of boil with hops in it) 1.042