Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Whitney Beer

We Just Make Good Beer! THat's it. I thought about naming the beers after my favorite fictional characters: Florentino Ariza, Mitch Cumstein Ty Webb's College roommate, Dean Moriarity, Sal Paradise, Alexander DeLarge 655321, Richard

Friday, November 2, 2007

World Series Champs

Last Sunday night, Jonathan Papelbon struck out Seth Smith, and the Red Sox became World Champs for the second time in four years. I was at Stater Bros. buying milk and beer. My dad called during the ninth and my wife said, "He's not here, he's not watching the game, he doesn't care who wins, he was rooting for the Rockies earlier." It's true. Much to my dad's chagrin, I didn't really care to watch the end of the game. For me it was depressing that it is all over with. I wanted to see the series extended. When the series began, people asked "Are you excited that your Red Sox are in the series?" I pretty much knew they were going to sweep. "Are you kidding?" The real series was against the Indians. Now they have to play the junior league. The soft Rockies. Even before the series started, the Rockies were better at one position, shortstop (Tulowitzki was much better than Lugo during the regular season). By the end of the series, Lugo looked like a stud compared to Tulo. "What about Jamey Carroll's fly to left?" my dad asked. Jamey Carroll showcased his warning track power, that did not make me question whether or not the series was in jeopardy. Even if that's a home run, the Red Sox probably still sweep. Nail Biting, right?
The part that gets me though is that I spent the last seven months following Red Sox baseball watching Sportscenter and Baseball Tonight hoping to get a glimpse of a few highlights. Now what? This coupled with the fact that the Red Sox are threatening to become the new Evil Empire scares me, no scratch that, fuckin' depresses me. I love to watch the underdog and now the Red Sox are anything but. At the same time, the Bengals will never win this year because they are just plain bad. It's no fun to watch a team lose either. So, do I care that Red Sox Nation doubled when they won the series, not really? They have been a major market team for a long time, (check the pink hats) but the true fans follow the details like I do. That's where the fun is. No one, I mean no one, remembers how domninant Papelbon was in 2005 as a starter. I wanted the guy to become a starter.