Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exploding Russian Imperial Stout

Well, I broke my first carboy last weekend 4/9/10 when I was moving them around in the garage. Barely clinked two of them together and a chunk fell off one of the carboys after it cracked. I was able to find the glass pieces and salvage most of the beer. My dad was there to helped so he poured the beer through some cheese cloth and into a bucket. I put the breather on the bucket and the emergency was averted.
Before this mishap this Russian Imperial Stout has given me problems. At the beginning of the mash, it broke my plastic stirrer. This caused me to have temperature problems. Various other problems occured during the brew including a partial stuck mash and over flowing the mash. My new system still needs fine tuning especially for a 42 lb. grain bill.
That morning, as I was driving to work, I called my wife to warn her to keep an eye on the carboys because I had filled them to much and there was no blow off tube and the RIS is high in fermentable sugars. She said they looked fine. A couple hours later she called back because there was explosion in the closet and a river of beer running out. This Russian Imperial has caused problems, but it will be good. Coming in at 1.082 OG. I will wait to at least three months to drink it.


Pete and Jana Deeble said...

Dude, that Russian Stout sounds really good- I hope I get to try some. That story of the explosion is hilarious. When I was in high school some friends and I made some home-made wine while at church camp. We didn't know anything about fermentation, so we just crushed some grapes and put them in a bottle, then checked on it every few days. It started to smell more and more like wine, but we didn't drink it because we wanted it to ferment more. Then, on the way home from camp, we heard an explosion in the bus. We thought it was a gun shot or back fire but, after a moment's pause, my friend started yelling "No, Pete! Our wine! Our Wine!" and I knew what had happened.