Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pete's Woodworking Blog-- Skills to Pay the BIlls (My skills won't pay anyone's bills)

My friend Pete of Pete Records formerly of Sea Monsters formerly of Crankcase and current Math Teacher has a new occupation/ hobby. He does custom furniture in the modern style of West Elm and Room and Board, but he will do whatever you want and he will work with you. Check out his blog: http://furniturebypete.blogspot.com. There are a bunch of pictures and you can see what a craftsmen he is. In honor of Pete the only person who even lays eyes on my blog. Here are pictures of the woodworking I did this weekend. Next project, which will include lumber that has not been left out in the rain for three years or found on a corner, will be to make a beer brewing rack that will support my kettles and the liquid they hold. Keep up the good work Pete. I obviously need to keep trying.


Pete and Jana Deeble said...

Ian, it looks great! Don't doubt yourself, and thanks for the shout-out!